Proms, Homecomings & other School Dances

School dances are one of the most remembered occasions during a young persons high school experience. Starting with the nerve wrecking experience of asking someone to go with you and/or the waiting for someone to ask you. Progressing to the dress shopping to find that one perfect dress. The tux rental to match the color of your dates dress. Photographs taken by parents (or a photographer) of you and your date and also some more shots taken after you meet up with your friends. After this, you'll be stopping for dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then going to the venue and dancing the night away. We have found that a good amount of people car pool to their dance and take a family vehicle or two. This can lead to problems... And, we've all heard the prom horror stories of young and inexperienced drivers taking the wheel. Why not eliminate this concern and take a party bus or limousine? It's far more affordable than you might think, and just imagine the fun you will have! Showing up to the aforementioned events with all your friends, travelling in ultimate style on the way to the dance and on the way home. Other students would look to you in jealousy. You only wish that the night will go perfectly so that you can have a memory that will last a lifetime. Let us help your night go perfectly. Book a reservation for the big dance today!